Our Service to You

At Brooklyn Community Foundation, we pride ourselves on our close partnerships with our donors, and we make it our goal to ensure that your giving has the greatest impact. Your philanthropy is more than just writing a check—it’s about helping to make our communities stronger and our future brighter.

Our Donor Services team is focused on working with you to fulfill your goals. Whether it’s creating a family legacy, engaging the next generation in giving, or deepening your understanding of the issues in your community, we’re here to make it easy. Plus, our administrative services, multiple giving channels and options, and ability to accept various forms of donations, make it easier for you to make the most impact.

Here are just a few of the ways our services can help fuel your philanthropy:

Giving, Simplified

Through our Donor Advised Fund program, we handle the administration of your giving—all you need to do is recommend the charities you want to support. We also manage the investment of your fund, so that your charitable assets may continue to grow overtime.

Through our Community Fund, we provide opportunities for you to co-invest along with us in the organizations and initiatives sparking change for Brooklyn’s communities. Our Community Fund fuels over $2 million in grants each year to local nonprofits, and 100% of all donations go directly back to Brooklyn.

Engagement and Learning

Partnering with Brooklyn Community Foundation means you get access to our team of experts, as well as exciting opportunities throughout the year to engage in substantive conversations about issues in our communities, visit organizations to see their work firsthand, and connect with likeminded donors.

Flexibility and Impact

We work closely with our donors and their financial advisors to ensure that they get the full tax benefit of their donation—be it contributions of cash, stock, or other resources. This way our donors can maximize their support to the communities and causes they care about.

Philanthropic Guidance, Local Expertise

We are experts on Brooklyn’s communities and nonprofits, and can advise you on the many ways to channel your giving to support charities in your own backyard. We also know that your local giving goes hand in hand with causes beyond our communities, and we can work with you to develop the right strategy to balance all of your charitable interests.

Protecting Your Investment with Due Diligence

Our team of experts closely reviews every nonprofit before grants are distributed. That means you can be sure that your donations support trusted organizations in full compliance with state and national regulations. 

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